How Much Are Extra Hours At Working Impacting Your Health, Your Life?

So many times I see clients so consumed on working extra hours to earn more. That they fail to notice how much extra hours at work is actually costing them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Excessive working hours are not just bad for your health but can also impact your relationships, your performance and in fact cost you more financially.

What I am referring to, is when clients are actually working extra hours simply to pay the bills of all these extra things in their life that end up costing more than the money they earn. The cleaner, Nannie and Ironing Service, the Counsellor, the Physiotherapist,  Fast Food and even those extra gifts for the gifts, Gifts used to replace the time they don’t have to spend with their loved ones. With careful analysis, most are shocked at how much they are actually spending on extras to “actually work these extra hours”. We have to be willing to check those extra hours at work are not actually increase your living costs. Are not actually making your life more complicated, more stressful.

How Much Extra Hours At Work Is Costing Your HealthSuch costs come in many disguises from the most obvious services you require from the “iron service” “cleaner” to “home deliveries”. But most people forget to count those little extras like the now regular visits to the “osteopath” for that back or shoulder problem. Originally caused by the stress or extra strain of long periods at the desk, car or on your feet. Then we have the increase in addictions, extra work, leads to extra stress, here we see an increase in addictions from eating, smoking, drinking and both prescribed and illegal drugs.

People are so consumed with materialism and status, that they end up living a life full of extreme internal and external pressure with no balance. So much stress they self-destruct in the process. There’s something seriously wrong when you are killing yourself with extra working hours that ends up costing you more. How much money does your extra working life cost you in “extras”? How much would you save healthwise and financially with a less demanding job? And how much is your health worth to you? Is it worth those little extra’s or not. Believe me, too many people take their health and well-being for granted. I know I ended up seriously ill in my early twenties so burnt out that I ended up with medical complications for a few decades.

Most of us need to slow down to achieve a happier, healthier life. But so many people only make those healthier life changes after a serious scare or when the damage is permanent and then it’s often far too late. Simple changes can make huge differences in your everyday life. Quiet Time For Busy Families is a powerful stress management self-study course that contains simple yet powerful strategies to encourage more calm and balance in your family life

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