What is Stress Coaching ?

Stress Coaching sessions are designed to help clients manage their stress and present life challenges more effectively. Each of my sessions are uniquely tailored towards the individual’s needs.

What can Stress Coaching do for me ?

Stress Coaching provides you with the tools and skills to help you alleviate your anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia. It provides you with simple strategies to manage your stress for life, everyone suffers from stress at some point in their life.

How long does each session last ?

Each session is approx 45 minutes, the 1st Initial Sessions follows a pre-assessment which is sent and filled in prior to the 1st appointment.

How many sessions do I need ?

To incorporate effective stress management strategies into your life i would recommend a minimum of 5 sessions but the average amount of sessions a client or student is approx 3-8 sessions.

Where and how ?

I provide these sessions online through skype or by telephone in some cases. Simply contact me to pre-book and pay your session.

What sort of strategies, therapeutic models do you use in Stress Coaching?

I use various personal development models and strategies including those popular in the field of stress management such as CBT, Life Coaching, NLP as well as a combination of therapeutic approaches, I tailor each session to the individual so i do not use a one type fits all approach.

What qualifications, experience and training have you in this field ?

An Advanced Stress Adviser at University Level,  I have qualifications and training in various stress management disciplines including meditation, relaxation therapy, CBT, counselling, psychology, holistic therapies….

I began practicing meditation and relaxation therapy over 20 yrs ago, I  have been teaching personal development, stress management, meditation and relaxation therapy for over 10 yrs to local organisations and education establishments including NHS Lanarkshire, NLC  and  LPRCCT

What makes your service unique ?

My service is based on years of hands on experience working with clients dealing with stressful and challenging issues. But also years of experience being the client. These strategies kept me sane and helped me create a life with purpose and meaning after being struck down in my early twenties with a serious debilitating illness that had a huge impact in all areas of my life leaving me predominately housebound for over 7 years.


Why should clients use your Service ?

I believe in providing clients with a supportive and empowering high quality, professional, cost effective service of integrity and values. That ensures clients safety and well being is always at the forefront. I value you as a client not just a customer,  I don’t believe in dragging out sessions or holding on to you as a client, If I believe another therapy or approach would probably be more effective for your well being I will try and refer you to the best therapist/coach or counsellor for the job.


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Also a Stress Management Workshop, Wishaw, Lanarkshire mon eve, 12th & 19th Aug
for further for details at info@stress-coach.co.uk