When we are feeling stuck and are unsure how to move forward, we are often holding on to so much “old stuff”. We are simply clogged up with what we don’t want a mixture of old belief’s, conditioning, trauma and other people’s stuff.

To feel more free, so you can resonate at a higher and lighter level, we have to prepared to accept where we are at the moment, so we can let go. When we are in a place of denial or avoidance, we are in a vibration of  resistance and/or fear.  But as soon as we face where we are, with total acceptance, things begin to dissolve and heal. We naturally let go and open up, to life in a different way, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

let go of what you dont wantThe most powerful ways to be fully in acceptance and raise your vibration is meditating. But make sure you take the time and space to learn how to meditate properly. There are so many myths around meditation and so many people teach meditation who don’t fully understand what they are teaching. I always encourage students to start with more traditional based Meditation  Techniques so you can experience deep peace from a place of stillness rather than distractions of guided meditation. With the right style of meditation you will experience an openness to possibilities where everything is limitless and free. So you have a greater capacity to create new dreams and possibilities from deep within your heart and soul not from that place of fear or not enough.

Another way to let go of the old is letting go of the physical things in our life. It becomes so much easier to let go of our mental, emotional & spiritual attachments that no longer serve us when our physical space is free. If this seems like a mammoth task, start small, such as letting go of things that are faulty, cracked, past their best…gently moving up to larger or more significant items.

As you let go of each item or situation remind yourself, you are freeing up space for more, light, freedom and opportunities.

Eileen provides Spiritual Life Coaching that helps you identify and connect you to your higher purpose. One that resonates with your core, your life experience. Eileen began studying healing 25 years ago she has worked as a self employed therapist, coach and healer for 17 years. And now focuses a lot of her work mentoring professional therapists and coaches and running the Spiritual Marketing Club