So, what is Relaxation Therapy? And why is relaxation therapy so popular.

Relaxation Therapy is

Relaxation therapy is the safe and therapeutic use of highly effective relaxation and stress management techniques.

What Is Relaxation Therapy Techniques

Relaxation therapy techniques are self-help and therapeutic tools that encourage the body and mind into deep stages of relaxation. This deep state of relaxation is also known as the “relaxation response”. So, relaxation therapy is basically used to move someone off the stress response into the relaxed response. The main reason Relaxation Techniques have been used in mainstream psychotherapy to reduce anxiety, stress and depression for over a century.

Relaxation Therapist Or Teacher

A relaxation therapist or relaxation teacher teaches a wide range of highly effective relaxation and stress management techniques. Some of the most common tools used by a Relaxation Therapist include Autogenic Training, Breathing Techniques, Guided Meditation For Therapeutic Use, Meditation, Mindfulness, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Stress Management.

Many of these areas are normally studied over a minimum of several months to a few years. I began my studies in meditation and stress management over 25 years. I studied a wide range of different stress management courses, which covered a wide range of different tools. I trained in stress management, CBT and coaching up to university level. Alongside other courses and training in meditation, mindfulness, NLP, hypnotherapy, holistic therapies, guided imagery for therapeutic use..

Benefits Of Relaxation Techniques

what is relaxation therapy - stress coach trainingThere are many wide benefits of relaxation therapy. We know Relaxation Techniques such as PMR begin by relaxing the muscles & nervous system in-turn relaxing the mind. They help the mind to move from a normal alert conscious state (Beta) to (Alpha) a relaxed, calm state. Alpha state is where both healing and learning cultivates best.

Relaxation techniques such as guided meditation and hypnotherapy can cultivate Theta waves of deep relaxation associated with dreaming. Autogenic and PMR have been demonstrated in reseach to help reduce muscle tension, general aches and pains. PMR has  been show to be an excellent sleep aid for insomnia. Like Meditation, relaxation tools have been show to help reduce blood pressure, regulate the bodies nervous, immune and endocrine system.

Safe Use Of Breathing Techniques

The right type of breathing techniques can help eliminate hyperventilation and panic disorders when used approriately. There are many styles of breathing techniques that should be never the first protocol for chronic anxiety and stress sufferers. And there is also breathing techniques not suitable for PTSD, anxiety sufferes and those with certain medical conditions. That is why I believe many breathing techniques should only be taught by a qualified therapist. 

Relaxation Therapist Training

As a Stress Management Therapist and Teacher, my relaxation therapy tools have been invaluable. A vital part of my teachers and therapist’s tool box for the last 20 years. Especially as someone who has taught relaxation therapy to children, teachers, carers, nurses, support workers, executives, managers and HR. All ages, abilities and issues within the health, charity and education sector. 

At a time when anxiety and stress is on the increase, there has never been more a time for more relaxation therapists and stress management therapists. Today the holistic industry maybe saturated with some types of coaches, healers and therapists. But there is a huge gap in fully qualified relaxation therapists and teachers who can teach these strategies safely and effectively. One of the mains why we at Stress Coach Training have been offering Relaxation Therapist Training for the last 6 years.

Online Relaxation Therapy Training

Online Accredited Relaxation Training For Coaches, Counsellors, Teachers, Therapists, and Support Workers. Effective anxiety and stress management tools who need to manage their own anxiety and stress before supporting others.

[This article was orginally published in June 2014 and was updated March 31st 2020]

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