Toolbox Of A Stress Therapist – Stress Management Skills

The Toolbox Of A Stress Therapist, Stress Management Consultant Or Stress Coach

Most Stress Therapist,  Stress Management Consultants, and Stress Coaches all have a large box of stress management tools and stress relieving to choose from. Designed to help empower clients and students to make transforming changes in their life, by managing and letting go of chronic stress and anxiety.

tools of stress therapistWhy A Stress Therapists Tool Box Is Designed To Offer Long-Lasting benefits

Many therapies that are promoted to reduce or help manage your stress, can give immediate but only short-term relief. Once you have had that massage treatment or been to your weekly yoga class, you still have to manage your daily stressors. Some stress management strategies or therapeutic approaches can give fast immediate relief others are effective life-long stress management strategies.

The most powerful stress management tools that stress therapists use are life-long self-help skills that the client or student can apply simply and effectively into their daily life and daily routine. But most of us will also have a range of aids and tools to help clients experience some benefits immediately.

I began studying stress management courses in the 90’s when stress management was still mostly associated with occupational stress at work or management. I had already been studying reiki, meditation and other holistic well-being disciplines. But having a strong interest in self-help skills from a young age, I decided to combine the more traditional styles of stress management tools used in the workplace with more holistic based stress management therapist approaches.

My Tools As A Stress Coach, Stress Advisor And Stress Therapist

My work included a combination of Counselling, CBT, Flower Remedies, Life Coaching, Healing, Meditation, Relaxation Therapy Techniques, Anger & Stress Management Advice & Analysis Tools, QE and occasionally I use a bit of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Release Technique ..

But despite being trained in stress management to university level, when asked about the most popular and powerful tools I have ever taught. I still have to say the most powerful stress coaching or stress therapist skills have been the simple skills that help empower clients to access peace and self-acceptance anytime, anywhere; meditation and relaxation. Especially meditation techniques that help clients access instant stillness.

Why Every Stress Therapist Or Stress Coach Needs The Right Meditation Techniques

When you teach a client how to meditate and access stillness, you teach them how to be in the moment, how to flow with life,  how not to get caught up in the resistance you can truly give that client a life-transforming skill.

So many therapists now teach meditation but don’t fully understand what they are teaching.  So many take fast-track meditation or mindfulness training but haven’t even grasped the basics. Fortunately, I have been studying various styles of meditation for over 25 years, effective meditation techniques to suit different clients needs… With the right meditation skills and dedication, we can all access a state of peace no matter what life challenges are presented to us. We may forget it is there to use, but it is there and freely available once you know how.  So for most of my clients, meditation has been the most powerful tool in my toolbox. Especially my 5 Minute Meditation Technique

When you truly and confidently understand what your teaching and why you are teaching it. You pass that confidence to your clients and students. The most powerful way to teach meditation or any other stress management as a certificated relaxation therapist or stress therapist is to teach it in a manner, that the student or client sees the enormous benefits and how they can easily incorporate these stress management techniques into their daily routine.

Helping clients understand that stress is pressure, stress is resistance, whilst meditation is about being rather than doing. Helping the recognise how powerful meditation can help a client move from a fearful, anxious based state into a more calm, confident space where they make more happier, healthier and empowering decisions.

If you struggle with stress, find it difficult to relax or switch off I have a range of online sessions and self-study courses that teach you how to meditate and relax deeply.

Or if you are a holistic therapist or coach our Relaxation Therapist Training teaches you some of the most powerful meditation and relaxation techniques I taught over 18 years as a stress management expert.


About stresscoach

Hi I am Eileen Burns, stress-coach. I have been studying holistic welbeing, stress management, healing and meditation for over 20 years.I teach powerful meditation and life skills to help clients manage their stress, their life, their anxiety and health challenges.

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  1. Absolutely agree with meditation being key.

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