Life Lessons From The Road Less Travelled. Life Lessons on finding strength, courage, passion, and purpose during the most challenging times of your life. How to stay on your path, on the right path without compromising your ethics, integrity and wisdom.

Important Life Lessons To Help You Navigate Very Difficult Times

We are at a point in history where most people are finding themself in situations where they feel they have no control, no power, no choice but to do what the government, the medical system, and those around you believe you have to do.

A situation that is causing a great divide between friends, family, and colleagues with opposing views. All views that should be considered but are fuelled by pain, fear and emotional wounding.

A time when most people are in a chronically fearful or anxious state and don’t even realise it. Some still in grief, shock, or trauma from the loss of loved ones or for those put in their care.

While other’s attention and focus are on the extreme changes of laws, manipulation of statistics, alongside the psychological programming and censorship of some of the most top Leadings Scientists, Immunologists, and Virologists around the world.

We all see the present situation from a different perspective, we all have our own reasons why we see or don’t see certain things.

No matter what we are living in extremely difficult and challenging times, a time where many people are confused, feel they have no choice but to follow the crowd, do what they are told to do even if it doesn’t feel or seem right to do.

Life Lesson – Chaos and Confusion Causes Fear

The reality is confusion and chaos causes FEAR, Fear causes chaos and confusion, it disables us, it disempowers us, it triggers our innate survival response. The longer that chaos and confusion goes on it destabilises us into either complete surrender, frustration, anger, or motivates us to take action.

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Life Lessons From The Road Less Travelled

As someone whose life was very much the road less traveled than most people around me. A road that left me very much discriminated against, neglected, and harmed by our medical system, by our system.

Someone who was very much doubted and unbelieved at times by the medical profession and many of the closest people around me. And other times being told there was no hope, there was nothing they could do to help me. Especially when faced with the fear of losing my eye and being predominately housebound and bedbound at times in my twenties.

Alongside the stress of having to spend most of my income, over the last 30 years on my health in many ways just to function and survive.

Well I learned these hard but very important 11 Life Lessons


11 Life Lessons From The Road Less Travelled by Stress Expert, Rare And Chronic Health Survivor Eileen Burns

11 Life Lessons That Helped Me Find Strength I Thought I Never Had

Trust Yourself – Every single one of us has an inner navigation system that most of us rarely use because we are too busy listening to our fear-based conditioning or to the opinions of the world outside. I have personally made some of the worst mistakes in my life or health when I didn’t fully trust myself. Life lesson 1 is to trust your own inner guidance especially when it is screaming out at you. You were born with this sense so start using it.

Find That Bag Of Courage – We all have a huge bag of courage that sits within us, but we live so much in our head, our Fear we struggle to access it. Believe me, the more time you spend out of your head, in the stillness, in the quiet, the easier it gets to access that very big bag of courage that is divinely filled with everything you need.

Own Your Strength – We all have our own unique strengths, own your strengths, own what you can do, and stop focusing on what you can’t. That strength can come in all sorts of disguises and at times you’re struggling to access it, it is okay to step back or get some support from someone else’s strength. My main strength has always been my tenacity to not give up and to find alternative solutions for the next step. Build more resilience and work on your weaknesses.

Be Able To Think Out The Box – Believe me being able to think out of the and box be solution focused has helped me move through so many extremely challenging situations where most people would give up. For example the last few months I have been working with a broken dental plate that has left me missing a front teeth, while I wait for a surgery. For the last 8 years I have had fine motor issues in my right hand that impacts my ability to sign my name or write and predominately housebound due to noise and sensory related seizures. But I have still found ways to run my business, still found ways to have a passion and purpose.

The Ability To Critically Think – In many ways the ability to critically think goes hand in hand with the above. To master being a critical thinker means you have the ability to ask questions, challenge and evaluate basic assumptions, challenge and evaluate present evidence, see gaps in evidence or mis-information. I thank god for being able to develop this ability especially around being able to do my own holistic and medical research when mainstream medicine was wrong or told me that I had to just accept there was nothing that could be done.

Your Health, Your Responsibility – Now what I mean by this was I learned a long time ago, that we all have to take as much self-responsibility for our health and wellbeing as we possibly can. No matter what health, injury, or trauma that you experience that impacts your health, your wellbeing. You have the responsibility to do what you can do, to eat the right things, to do the right things, to take proper self-care, to set healthy boundaries. Most health issues today are caused or exacerbated by unhealthy lifestyle choices. That is why the next thing is so important.

Be Honest With Yourself – No matter what we go through in life one big life lesson we tend to learn late in life is about being honest with our self. Be honest about our weaknesses, our vulnerabilities, our pain our suffering, any shadows that need to be faced. The more we try to hide things from our self the more we suffer, the more we disable ourselves from our own power, our own strength, our own courage.

Don’t Be A Sheep – Never ever feel that you should do what everyone else is doing. Never ever assume because more people are going a certain path, the way that they are right. The hardest life lessons and the most horrendous things that happened in society were because people just went along with the crowd rather than tapping into their own inner guidance and using their own critical thinking.

Don’t Assume Someone Knows More Than You – A very big lesson for me was learning that just because someone has a degree or a PhD, is supposed to be a specialist in a specific field doesn’t mean they actually know everything or even know more than you about certain things. I like most people supposed that Dr’s, Specialists, Dentists knew more than me about most things.

Now I suppose I was never like most people as I did my own proper medical research and I don’t mean Google or Wikipedia searches but analysis of different medical research papers. In fact, before being able to access the internet was an everyday thing I got a friend to access a medical library in Glasgow to get research papers I needed. I asked for all of my medical notes in my early twenties.

But I was reminded recently by a friend of mine who is a pharmacist who noticed how so many people in the medical field rarely challenge things and don’t do their own research outside the status quo. Now of course we have to be able to respect, listen and learn from experts and listen to someone else’s point of view. But we should also be able to challenge them. We are all human, we all have limitations and blind spots.

Don’t Give Your Power Away – Sadly we live in a system, a society that seems to have a strong thirst for power, control and manipulation. The ego does crazy things to us when we don’t have it in check. But we should never give our power way to someone else, never allow someone else to have control over us or take our freedom away. No matter how challenging it is do not let someone take your power. Always look at the bigger picture when someone or something is trying to take your power from you. Usually there is a whole different agenda going on than is seen on the surface.

Reduce Your Anxiety and Stress – The more you learn how to reduce and manage your anxiety and stress, the more mentally, emotionally, and physically resilient you will be to cope with life’s dramas, life’s challenges. Learn how to meditate, learn how to relax, learn how to be in the moment. When you can do all of these things it’s much easier to find your courage, your strength, and to access your wisdom.


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Find Wisdom In Your Hardest Life Lessons

It is so important to find and hold on to the wisdom you gained from your hardest life lessons. Life is a journey it isn’t a destination, it is okay to make mistakes. But it is so important that we learn from it.

Remember there is so much power in our Life Lessons, there is even more power in our ability to see our own blind spots, to ask questions, to never assume, to recognise there is often another solution even when it seems things maybe doomed.

We are living in a time that is so important that we come together, to support each other in strength, that we are not scared to go on the road less traveled if you know in your heart that is the right road for you to go on.

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