How to Create A New Life In 2023. Top tips on how to move forward positively after a life-challenging or life-changing year. Even when your present life situations seem hopeless or too difficult.

So many people have found the last few years some of the most challenging years of their life. For many people, the last few years have left them feeling lost, confused, chronically anxious, or stressed.

In many ways, it has been for most a time of chaos, confusion, and disempowerment.

The effects of the last few years have left a dramatic increase in fear, social isolation, financial loss, grief, and trauma in so many people, especially the vulnerable.

So how do we begin to take back our power, and empower others to do the same?

All Change Starts Within You

No matter what we have faced over the last few years, no matter how much YOUR life has changed. You have far more power and possibilities to create change and create a new life than you can imagine.

We are all an important part of the jigsaw of life, we all have an important part to play. Even the most smallest changes you make within you can have a ripple effect out into the world.

What Being Housebound Over 6 Years Taught Me

As someone who has faced a long list of health challenges most of my life. Health challenges that impacted a large part of my life in so many different ways over the last 30 years. I know a lot about how to turn challenges into opportunities. Opportunities not just for change, but growth and deeper spiritual connection.

You see, I spent most of the last 8 years housebound and a large part of my twenties mostly housebound. All due to a variety of medical challenges. I know more than a few things about turning extreme challenges into gifts and opportunities. As someone who survived life-threatening sepsis and so many medical conditions that mainstream medicine. could offer no treatment. I know how both fragile and precious life is.

But I also know how much hope there can be in situations that seem hopeless.

Miracles Do Happen Everyday

In my twenties, I faced threatened eye loss in one eye. Suffering from an unexplained hole in the back of my eye, my eye became so hypotonic that the eye pressure was dangerously low. Now although modern medicine could offer me no treatment at the time, I actually managed to up the eye pressure of my eye through a variety of holistic approaches.

Over the last 6 years after a period of life-threatening sepsis I ended up with a long list of neurological symptoms which appeared to be related to mercury poisoning and suspected late-stage lyme disease. My symptoms looked like a mixture of Parkinson’s, MS, and MND. I had balance and fine motor skill issues, serious muscle spasms, nerve damage, and severe hyperacusis that triggered a rare form of non-epileptic seizure.

Thankfully I have always been proactive toward my health and well-being for over 30 years. I never gave up hope, and never took what the medical profession said as gospel.

As a patient to hundreds of specialists over the years, a medical case study for medical students, professors and has been written about in a research paper. I have gained the wisdom to know that there is more than what the eyes can see or what we have learned. That the medical profession just like the rest of us can have a very limited perception. They don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t always see the truth or the bigger picture. And that small miracles and large miracles happen every day.

No matter what difficulties you have faced this year, no matter how challenging your life may be at the moment. There is always hope and opportunities for a new life. Even after tremendous financial loss, after disability, after the loss of a loved one. I meet so many people in my work who overcome horrendous challenges and heal from addiction and trauma that they have lived with for 30, or 50 years.

There are always new opportunities to create a new life. Even if that life may be different from what you perceived or planned before. The key is just taking that next step, asking for the right help or support. Because we are all here to help each other, all here to make the world a better place and we can only do that together, not alone.

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10 Top Tips Towards Creating A New Life

Acceptance And Surrender: Now you might think acceptance and surrender to any present challenges are giving up, giving your power away. But in each moment if we deny what is coming up, resist or suppress it, it will keep coming back on some level energetically. You can’t make powerful shifts into the next moment of opportunity if you are still carrying residues of denial or resistance in your mind, body, emotions, or energetic field.

Start To Value and Love Yourself: When you start to love yourself more, value yourself you will see yourself and the world through a different lens. A lot of mental and emotional pain and suffering comes from a lack of self-love and not recognising that deep down you are more than enough by just being you.

Loosen Your Identity: Over-attachment to certain identities or roles can create all sorts of issues. For example, so many people over-identify with their job roles. They rely so much on this identity to help them feel important, to feel enough. But like most things in life roles are temporary. If you attach too much importance to any identity you will suffer great loss when it’s gone.

Break Out Of Limited Thinking: Learn how to see out of the box. Be willing to break through and expand yourself from previous beliefs and conditioning. The ability to push out of limiting beliefs, and old stories will help you dream and create that new life.

Heal Your Inner Child: You may be surprised how much old trauma, pain, and old conditioning is keeping you in fear and pain. We all carry pain, unhealthy beliefs, and very distorted conditioning from childhood, from society, religion, culture, education, and government systems.

Own Your Gifts and Greatness; Start owning your greatest gifts, especially what I call Soul Gifts. Start listing your gifts, skills, especially your Zone of Genius. If you find yourself incapacitated in any way, start to list and focus on what you can do, no matter how small. When I was mostly bed and housebound I focused on the simple and small things I could do. I began to appreciate the simple and small things in life we all tend to overlook. As not just a therapist and coach but as a spiritual business mentor I see how many people don’t actually see never mind own their greatest gifts, which is their greatest power.

Tap Into Your Inner Guidance: The most powerful way to start creating positive changes are to tap into your inner guidance get more soul connected. Life gets so much easier when you can really tap into and trust your inner guidance, and your intuition.

Take Self-Responsibility: Take self-responsibility for your life, your health, your perspective even your anxiety and stress. The more we can be responsible for our actions, inactions, and how we choose to show up and see things begin to shift. What we begin to create in our life changes.

Hire A Coach Or Therapist: Hire an effective coach or therapist, to help support you make those changes. Make sure you choose the right coach or therapist for you. Don’t be shy about asking that therapist or coach questions. Especially those around their areas and level of expertise. I like to know where and who they have trained with and what type of training they have done. Unfortunately, today’s lack of standardisation and increasing popularity of fast-track training can make it challenging to define the experts from the amateurs.

It’s Never Too Late: Recognise that it is never too late to make big bold powerful changes in your life. Remember it is never too late but why wait until you can start making those changes today? I help so many people unlock their life purpose in their 50s and 60s. No matter what stage you are in your life, no matter how low you feel, there is always light at the other end.

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