Do You Listen To You Inner Compass? Do you trust your inner navigation system, your intuition, your inner guidance?

I believe no matter how strong our intuition is, that most of us are under using our innate GPS system,  our own unique inner compass. We are so distracted, so entangled with our thoughts and the world around us that we are not fully utilising this natural gift we all have.

In many ways, we have been conditioned to dismiss or even be fearful of this very powerful gift.  So much so we fill our monkey mind with so much information, so much distortion trying to find what is already inside of us.

No wonder so many people struggle to know what is their inner compass, their intuition compared to their fears or wishful thinking. It is very hard to hear our inner voice when we don’t give it space, the trust, and patience it deserves to be nurtured.

What Is Your Inner Compass?

Your inner compass is like a core feeling a friend that is guiding you, is speaking to you. Sometimes your inner compass keeps niggling at you or shows up as such inner knowing.

But if you are too busy, too distracted, fearful, or too busy and don’t take enough quiet time to listen. Don’t give yourself enough space in your life to breath, to pause, to listen it is so much harder to truly and accurately know what your inner compass is telling you.

Signs Of My Own Inner Compass

Lucky for me, from a very young age, my father encouraged us to go with our gut instinct, to listen to our intuition. And as someone who was highly sensitive,  I found that relationship with my intuition, my inner compass easier than most. I would just naturally know things about others and would feel what they were feeling. And I had an uncanny knowing of when certain things were going to happen.

What Is Your Inner Compass Telling You Today? by Stress Management Training School - Stress Coach Training

But I also struggled with such deep empathic and nurturing traits that I felt others’ struggles, others’ pain.

As an empath, I would constantly over-identify with other’s emotions and other people’s life challenges. So much so that I would attract a lot of people who had a lot of extreme challenges and problems.

When I was younger I just assumed that at everyone experienced what I did. It wasn’t until my late twenties that I started to realise that these were indeed the common traits of an empath and not something most people experienced on a daily basis.

Many times my inner guidance saved me from the most potentially awful situations and other times I didn’t follow my inner guidance and wished I had.

Your Inner Compass, Your Souls Navigation System

In a society where we generally place more importance on our mind,  our thoughts it is so easy to get trapped into our beliefs and our limitations.  But I believe our inner compass is our soul guiding us we just have to learn to develop it, trust it.

But we get caught up in our heads, we get attached to our beliefs and interpretations of things. When we are in fear we disengage from our inner compass and fail to recognise the signs.

It is in these situations that we can confuse our fear and distortions with our intuition. When in fact it is just a story we have told our mind. That is why I believe if you are serious about developing your intuition about building a good connection with your inner compass you should master meditation.  Meditation is a powerful tool to help you connect with your inner compass.


Why Listening To Your Inner Compass Can Save Your Life

When I was only 18, my bosses would send me around to a work friend. A man that made me very uncomfortable.  I would literally dread going to his studio to do errands.

A situation arose when my work colleagues insisted this person take me back home after a late photoshoot that I was doing with my work. Where we were I had no other way to get home and well there were no mobile phones.

I quickly found myself in a frightening situation which fortunately I  managed to talk my way out of it, insisting that my boyfriend was waiting for me and if I didn’t get home quick he would phone my boss. Something fell so off with this man.

In fact, so much so that years later I was informed by someone who knew this man, informed that he was indeed highly dangerous. He had actually gone missing for several years,  wanted by the police for suspected murder.

I remember how many people around me insisted that I was being silly. But my inner compass was guiding me to avoid this person at all cost. Thankfully I was fine but were others as lucky as me?

The Power Of Our Inner Compass

We can find ourselves in many situations in our life where we feel our inner compass is moving us away from situations or moving us forward towards something. When you are not used to using your inner guidance it is easy to let your logical mind take over. But the more you practice, the more you take time to listen to what your body is telling you, the easier it gets

It can also be challenging when others are not as intuitive to the information that you have. But my intuition, my inner compass has never led me down.

The situations where I didn’t go with my gut, proved to me time and time again that my gut was right. Living with chronic and serious health challenges I came to realise that at young age, that I gave my power over to other people’s opinions too many times. Those times I didn’t always listen to what my heart, my soul, and what my body was telling me, what my body needed. I listened far too many times to other people’s opinions of what was wrong or right for me.

Our inner compass is our greatest gift to ourselves. Make sure you own that gift, you learn to value that gift, take the time to nurture, and truly listen to it. You can only fully listen to your inner compass when you slow down, switch off, and connect in with your inner being each and every day.


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