Stress Management For Kids And Teenagers

Why Stress Management For Kids Is So Important Today

Sadly anxiety, depression, and stress is becoming a rapidly increasing problem for many kids and teenagers today. We know how much stress management is important for adults, but stress management for kids REALLY? YES kids get stressed too.

Stress In Schools – Why Kids Stress Is Serious Business

Anxiety and Stress in children is an increasing problem in education and society. Let’s look more closely at why stress management for kids is becoming in many schools a part of your child’s education? Why are so many schools making mindfulness, meditation, and yoga for kids a core part of many school’s regular curriculum.

Why Stress Management For Kids Is Uncommon

When we think of negative STRESS what we are talking about is the fight or flight response. Our mental, physical and emotional reaction to what we or our body perceives as danger. We are so used to just getting on with everyday life or stress. It is easy to forget how busy, noisy and crazy life is in modern-day life. It is easy to overlook how over-stimulated even babies are, never mind children and teenagers. It is easy to miss stress in children, to not see the peer pressure, homework pressure or high school stress.

Mental Health In Teens And Kids

But the reality is mental health in teens and children is on the rise. One disturbing example of this is the increase in child and teenage suicide.

Children should naturally be able to switch off, relax and just be. But in many situations that is not the case. Over the years I have worked with many young children and teenagers who have been seriously depressed or overwhelmed.

Anxiety and Stress management for kids basically teaches your child how to let go of stress and anxiety in a healthy way. Sadly mental health in teens and children is on the rise, one sad example of this is the increase in child and teenage suicide.

Children today are very much overstimulated and over-challenged especially mentally and emotionally. They are in many ways conditioned by the media, peer, family and even school pressure to conform. With so many relationship break-ups, many children are dealing with not just adjustment and their own emotional pain. But they are often pulled into the emotional pain and storms of their parents and caregivers. Children are often left to deal with their own confusion, grief, loss and at times trauma.

With so much overstimulation from technology and processed foods, many children struggle to get a good night’s sleep. That they start their day tired and emotionally fragile.

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Technostress In Kids And Teenagers

We may look at modern-day technology as amazing, and the way even toddlers grasp technology remarkable. But no matter how we look at technology in modern-day life, technology for many kids is an unhealthy distraction. Teenagers and kids are not just exposed to information overload but the side-effects of technostress from electromagnetic frequencies and light-emitting devices. That many children are very much high wired and hypersensitive. No wonder we are seeing more hypersensitivity in the central nervous system. Obviously a more obvious challenge for kids who already have sensory challenges and sensitivity issues. As someone who is highly sensitive, who suffers from extreme noise and light sensitivity. Sensory overload is extremely exhausting.

Effective Stress Management For Kids

So stress management for kids is not just important, it is necessary to support a healthy modern-day lifestyle. But what are the most effective forms of anxiety and stress management for kids and adolescents?

Despite having studied many forms of stress management for nearly 3 decades, I believe the most effective forms of stress management to teach children are firstly meditation, then mindfulness and yoga.

Why Teaching Kids Meditation Reduces Anxiety And Stress

Why? Teaching your child how to meditate, how to switch off gives your child one of the most powerful life skills they can ever have. The key is giving your child the right type of meditation and even mindful tools. Meditation is like your child’s best friend it is always there and it can help your child through their greatest challenge. It helps them experience more calm and contentment, it helps them detach from the noise and chaos of modern-day living. Meditation teaches kids how to let go of stress, how to be more mentally resilient, happier and carefree.

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