How To Reduce Menopause Symptoms Naturally

10 Ways To Reduce Menopause Symptoms Naturally

Proven and effective natural ways to reduce menopause symptoms

Many women struggle through the menopause seeking a natural way to reduce menopause symptoms without resorting to medication. It’s a downward cycle, menopause can cause stress and women are stressed by the symptoms of the menopause. Each having a worsening effect on each other. Stress is one of the biggest causes of dis-ease in the mind, body and emotions. And during the menopause the body’s adrenalin glands take over to make more oestrogen and progesterone.  But during stress priority is given to our survival hormones cortisol and adrenalin.

We know that our body will always focus on survival first, and yet our body is very clever at adapting. But it is our mind that tricks and triggers the body’s physiological response to the level of survival response it believes it requires. Now the reality is most people today are suffering from chronic stress, built up over time. And in reality their stress levels often do not match up to the severity of the specific situation.

So for example, you may be in a panic about missing the bus but your body in that circumstance has registered the stress levels equal to meeting a sabre tooth tiger.

Reducing stress supports the body to produce the amounts of oestrogen and progesterone that helps you feel more happy and healthy. So you can reduce menopause symptoms naturally. When you are less anxious and stressed you are more calm and confident, you relax better, and you sleep better. All of which can be affected by menopause. Who wouldn’t want to reduce menopause symptoms in a more natural caring way?


reduce menopause symptoms naturally

Here are 10 Ways You Can Use To Reduce Menopause Symptoms


Be In The Moment – Learn how to be in the here and now, not worrying or stressing about the future or the past. Ruminating over what has been or what may happen is one of the biggest causes of stress in our daily lives. Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to help you be in the moment, be more calm and relaxed which can help reduce menopause symptoms.

Learn To Relax  – Re-teach the body, mind and emotions how to relax, switch off. so many women struggle to relax properly, relax deeply. They are so used doing for everyone else, so used to multi-tasking or being distracted they have forgotten how to relax. Muscle Relaxation Techniques are one of the most effective ways to relax the mind and our muscles.

Let Go Of ControlLet go of the need to control everything. Our need to control everything is simply based on fear. When you let go and let god, you will be amazed at how easier life and the transition of menopause becomes.

Stop Resisting– Resistance is our biggest cause of di-stress, when we resist what is, we cause so much more emotional pain in the long run for ourselves. Resistance comes in the form of denial or sometimes in the form of anger, frustration and resistance.

Acceptance– Accept what you are experiencing in each and every moment and from there you will actually become more empowered.  And if it is appropriate, then you can take action. But when you don’t accept a situation you will remain in denial or suppression and may struggle to move forward. Our emotions need to flow so when we push them will eventually come back up in one form or another. Even in the form of disease in the body. Meditation is a great way to nurture acceptance.

Reduce Internal Stressors Stop putting internal pressure on yourself, stop trying to be everything for everyo

ne. Look at the roles that you over identify with or are trying to hold on to, the good mother, the hard wo

rker, the successful business woman, the young beautiful woman… These can all place a huge stress on the way we live and approach life, and that can make menopause more stressful.

Reduce External Stressors Examine other’s expectations and external pressures that are seriously impacting on your day to day life. Decide on what external pressures have to go, let them go and reduce your stress.


Reduce Toxins– Toxins play havoc with our mind, body and emotions and seriously increase our bodies stress levels. Sugars, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine all are major contributors to hormonal issues. There are also environmental toxins such as some toiletries, skin care products and make up which contain a great deal of un-natural toxic substances that are suspected in many serious health challenges. Look for paraben-free, aluminium free deodorants and avoid isopropy alcohol in make up

Deep Quality Sleep – Make sure you get enough rest and deep quality sleep. Although insomnia can be one of the common symptom of the menopause it is often worsened by anxiety and stress. Do what you can to encourage your body to drift off, muscle relaxation techniques are great. Aromatherapy oils are also great, I would personally recommend the Night Time Remedies to roll  by NYR Organics . There is also a range of holistic alternatives to medication NYR Organics also have their very own Beauty Sleep Supplement which encourages deeper sleep and a softer skin 

Holistic Aids – Fortunately we have access to more holistic remedies, herbal supplements and nutritional supplements more than ever. Popular natural alternatives for menopause particularly hot flushes is Black Cohosh if you don’t suffer any liver problems. Geranium essential oil is also extremely popular  for hot flushes a great oil to add to the bath and to add to a spray bottle. Foods and herbs that increase phytoestregens reduce menopause symptoms


Menopause is supposed to be a natural life transition it may include many changes to our bodies. But these changes don’t have to be traumatising or as challenging as many women find them. When you make healthy changes, reduce your stressors and truly take care of you. many of the chronically disabling menopause symptoms start to decline. You find you a more calm and confident you.

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  1. I have recently started seeing a Naturopath who has been supporting me through the menopause. She pointed out to me the relationship between stress and hormones. I had not previously fully realised the impact of this, So your blog post is a wonderful reminder of the importance of intentionally reducing stress in order to support our hormonal balance during the menopause.

  2. It’s so important to have essential tools such as these to take us to the other side of the menopause.

  3. Great tips here for the menopause, but stress reduction is desirable whatever our age or gender- and your tips could work for this too!

  4. Great post Eileen. I come across a lot of women who are trying to be all things to all people… with very little time for themselves and to just live in the moment. Sian

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