Recovering From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – The Natural Way

 How To Recover From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Trauma – The Natural Way

So what is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ? According to PTSDuk “… PTSD is considered to be a psychological injury rather than a mental illness. Neuroanatomical studies have identified changes in major brain structures of those with PTSD — the amygdala and hippocampus – showing that there are significant physical changes within the brain as a result of trauma….”
Now Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something I have came across a lot in my work as a counsellor, coach, therapist and healer. And believe me it is has a wide spectrum of causes, symptoms and challenges to varying levels. Some of the clients I have dealt with have had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after living in horrific circumstances in worn torn countries, where they saw their family being murdered. Some a one off event that left them traumatised for years. And some who had been on the receiving end of decades of mental and physical abuse.
Every single person has their own unique experience but it is not the type or amount of trauma actually influences the level of post traumatic stress. It depends on many factors e.g. resilience, physical make up, how they viewed the situation at the time and what they believe about it today. The common challenge with sufferers of PTSD is being trapped by the memories of those events and fear of reocurrence. Along with being in a constant state of hyperarousal state waiting for danger. 
But another common thing not always recognised on an energetic level is many sufferers are no longer fully energetically in the body( not grounded). This is very common with people who have had lots of physical trauma to their body e.g those who have had many operations, diseases or chronic illness from a young age. Those living for decades in very physically abusive relationships or born into physically abusive family. But if you are highly sensitive this can be triggered by many other types of challenging events
The body can become so physically shocked by the trauma that part of their energetic body wants to go elsewhere. This is also common in babies who have had a very traumatic birth. So their central nervous system is a lot more sensitive to their environment. In these sort of situations it is so important that the body is encouraged to ground physically.
Now many people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder such from panic attacks or anxiety disorders. And are taught the first thing they should do is simply focus on deep breathing during an attack. But for many chronic anxiety or PTSD sufferers this isnt always the best first step, for many reasons. One is that many with anxiety disorders are simply ungrounded and not in the moment. Their rational mind is elsewhere during an episode and many anxiety sufferers can easily get obsessed about their breathing which becomes counter productive. 
I always recommend that anyone with an anxiety disorder or PTSD, learn how to relax first, really relax so learn proper relaxation techniques. Or visit a fully qualified relaxation therapist.  Who should also teach and help you be more physically grounded.  It is important you learn how to take your awareness into your physical body, like simply feeling your feet or stomping into the ground.
Guided meditations and relaxing music can help if they are chosen wisely, many can be very relaxing but not all are grounding. Some frequency music and guided meditation are so focused on opening the higher chakras that they become even more ungrounded. One of the reasons there is so many crazy people in this industry lol. Also many healers have no real understanding of PTSD and how to use guided meditations safely and effectively. So as I say choose wisely… 
As already mentioned in any case of trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder it is vital to become more body aware and do more activities that have a physical and grounding basis. Like mindful walking, gardening, doing things like tai chi, qigong, having plants in your room, using aromatherapy essences and flower essences, eating a high plant based diet because they naturally have a strong grounding energy.
But it also worth noting that every single person on earth has had some sort of traumatic experience and holds trauma in their body and in the subconscious on some level. One bach flower essence that can be useful to support any type of long-term issue or old trauma is star of bethlehem. Now its also worth noting that Bach Rescue Remedy also contains Star Of Bethlehem and is a great aid for anxiety, stress, worry, traumatic events or challenging situations.
But other than these support aids what is even more important is to get out of your head, out of your monkey mind. Our mind can keep us locked into trauma, locked into memories and locked into pain. If you would like to learn some powerful tips how to Shh that monkey mind I have a fabulous new course for you. 28 Days of Meditation, Mindfulness & Affirmations is a daily meditation program that teaches you how to be more calm, confident and in the moment.  Click Here to Learn More
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  1. Have used bach rescue remedy before and started again yesterday. Also getting back into the garden and doing more walking and meditations.Going to be looking more at aromatherapy oils as well. Beginning to be able to express what is going on inside my mind.

    1. Thats great Fran, Bach Rescue Remedy is extremely useful. And great to here your doing some many self care activities that are great for our wellbeing. And expression is so important and healing.

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