World Kindness Day

World kindness day may remind us of being that little more kind to our fellow man. It is also an opportunity to be kinder to our work colleagues, our friends, our family. But kindness shouldn’t just be once a year activity for World Kindness Day on Nov 13th but a daily activity.

Being Kind – World Kindness Day At Work

Being kind is not just good for the soul but being kind to others is a great stress reliever for both the giver and receiver. Kindness gives us the chance to open our heart and be more compassionate, lighter in that moment.

This can be a great technique to deal with stress at work, a small gesture when someone is feeling overwhelmed, overworked can seriously help break down any barriers or defences never mind the ego.

Everyone from the cleaner, the CEO, the office manager, gets stressed, gets vulnerable.

A little bit of compassion and kindness to negative news can make a huge difference to how a staff member reacts to challenging and stressful situations. Compassion can help empower and boost motivation within any workforce, while forceful action or engagement often dis-empowers and dis-engages staff.

This can be a positive approach to deal with overwhelm and stress at work. A a small gesture when someone is feeling overwhelmed can seriously help break down any barriers or defences. Especially when there is tension and friction between colleagues or management.

Too often management can forget their role is to support, encourage, motivate and empower others.A little bit of compassion and kindness at times. can go a long way, that is why world kindness day is a good reminder

No matter how challenging things are a little bit of understanding can help empower and boost motivation.

World Kindness Day 13th Nov

World Kindness Day A Powerful Reminder

But no matter how much kindness we show to other, whether it’s reaching a hand out to someone in need, or being less hard and more caring on a colleague.

World kindness day must also extend to oneself.

Sometimes we can be extremely hard on ourselves, pushing our mind, body and emotions well beyond our limits often forgetting we are still deserving, still worthy in our imperfections

World Kindness Day is a powerful reminder not to just be a little kinder to others but about bringing more kind, compassionate and self-loving to ourself.

Kindness often gets so lost in this largely materialistic world we forget to notice and treasure what truly matters being a human.

What can you do to celebrate world kindness day I would love to know more, share in the comments.



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