So How Do You Create Quiet Time Into Your Busy Family Life?

Finding time for quiet time, the biggest challenge most families have especially with young children or teenagers. It’s not just about making quiet time a priority, but how do you make quiet time fun and engaging? Why is creating quiet time so important?

The Anxiety And Stress Of Family Life

The reality is the modern family life is filled with anxiety and stress. Adult and child mental health issues are becoming an increasing problem. No matter if we are a child or adult, when we are caught up in the anxiety or stress cycle, our fear brain takes over. These unhealthy distorted thoughts can lead to all sorts of emotional and relationship issues. In children and teenagers, we often see withdrawal or increased emotional outbursts. In adults similar as well as emotional lability, anger,  frustration, poor decision making and all sorts of unhealthy habits.

At times like this, we all need more quiet time, more time to relax, switch off. We need proper rest and recuperation, deep quality sleep. But too often this is the time as adults we fall into unhealthy habits and addictions, that we pass onto our kids. Self-soothing habits of overeating, overworking, keeping busy or distracted, alcohol, nicotine or other stimulants.

No wonder we have a generation of overly stimulated kids and teenagers suffering from high anxiety and stress levels.  Who out of confusion and fear and turning to very destructive, self- sabotaging behaviours and self-harm. High levels of technology and EMF sensitivity issues in highly-sensitive kids and teenagers with autism or Asperger’s tendencies.

What Is Quiet Time?

Quiet Time is a simple way for everyone in the family to experience more calm less chaos. A way to encourage more fun less fighting in your family’s daily or weekly routine. I have witnessed huge benefits in many of the families I have taught Quiet Time to. The parents and children feel much more relaxed, more confident and content. But how do you encouraging adults and kids to unplug from their addictions and distractions? And wean them towards more calming less stimulating activities?

Gentle Ways To Introduce Quiet Time

Quiet Time can be many things to different people. But a gentle way to introduce quiet time is introducing times or days when the family unplugs from certain devices or technology. Setting times at night when devices must be switched off begins to wean the family off present unhealthy distractions and addictions.

Quiet Time or Calm Time can be before, after or during meal times, when again everyone switches off or puts their devices away. Another form of quiet time can be a relaxing family weekly or daily activity, like a walk to the park, time relaxing in the garden.

Meditation And Quiet

A few minutes of meditation each day can be a great way to support Quiet Time. The right style of meditation if chosen wisely, can help everyone feel much more relaxed, calm and peaceful. As a meditation teacher for over 18 years, who has taught meditation to all ages I would highly recommend this simple and easy less than 5 Minute Meditation.

Relaxation And Quiet Time

The ability to relax deeply and easily is one of the most powerful ways to become more stress-resilient. Relaxation Therapy is the safe and effective use of relaxation exercises to help you relax. For any family member who struggles to switch off and to drift off to sleep, relaxation techniques and guided meditations are highly effective. Kids love my short Guardian Angel Guided Meditation, Teenagers and Adults love our Golden Sand Sleep Guided Meditation included in our Quiet Time For Families Course

Time To Listen And Share

family quiet time, stress management for kids and families

Quiet time should also include time for each family member to share how they are feeling or what happened in their day. A time for all family members to really listen to each other without judgment. Many families find this works best just before or after dinner, a Saturday or Sunday afternoon before activities. 

Most parents and families find QuietTime strategies invaluable in building healthier relationships with their kids and partners. A simple and effective way to reduce family stress and conflict. After a few months parents comment on how more happy, confident and content everyone seems to be. 

3 Important Guidelines for Quiet Time

    1. Quiet Routine: It is so much easier to incorporate family quiet time when you have a set a daily or weekly routine. . Routine and structure helps create and maintain healthy boundaries. Set a daily or at least weekly time when you all agree to unwind and slow down. This is a time where you simply be, rather than do. This is a great time for everyone to take their time, to share their day or how they are feeling. The No 1 Rule here is that each person gets time to speak, everyone else has to listen without disturbing them. This encourages healthier communication and listening skills increased awareness and family bonding.
    2. Quality Time: Choose a time that will cause the least resistance e.g. before or after meals, just before bedtime. Or a Saturday or Sunday when no one has commitments or special activities e.g. football games or parties. Quiet Time doesn’t have to be at home or around the table. It can be achieved going for a calm quiet walk or doing some other mindful activity, get creative. Even going out for dinner can be a good way to introduce some quiet time as everyone gets a chance to speak and be listened to for example before and during your meal.
    3. Switch OFF: It is important during Quiet Time that everyone switches off all mobile phones and other technological devices such as computers, laptops, i-pads, game devices. These devices not only overstimulate the mind and make it difficult for us to relax, rest and experience a healthy calm. But too easily become an addictive habit that is harder to break.

Would you love to introduce more calm and quiet time into your family life?

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