Dis-ease – Disease, and Stress

Why does dis-ease cause anxiety and stress? Why does dis-ease within the mind, body, and emotions lead to physical, mental, and emotional disease?

What Is Dis-Ease?

Dis-ease means loss of ease, loss of harmony, imbalance, disorder, and lack of connectedness.

What Does Disease Mean?

In the modern world, disease tends to refer to illness, sickness, or malady such as an infectious disease, or a rare disease. The disease tends to develop from a state of dis-ease.

What Is Stress?

Stress in relation to dis-ease and disease refers to negative stress. Stress is our body’s innate reaction to any situation that needs an adjustment or response. Negative stress is caused by overexposure to chronic and long-term stress without healthy respite in between. The biggest reason why stress causes dis-ease is long-term stress causes disease.

Stress is the body’s reaction to certain events in our everyday lives. We experience tension whenever our body steps up and rises to the challenge posed by the environment.

While stress may be a normal body reaction, it can lead to a downward spiral that causes anxiety attacks, low energy levels, and depression if left unchecked for a long time. Addressing stress via distractions such as playing games or listening to music from your iPod can temporarily give you a boost, but addressing the problem directly will put you in a better mental framework.


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Top Tips To Reduce Dis-ease In Your Life

Live More From The Heart

When you learn to live more from the heart and soul and less by the monkey mind, you live a more peaceful and joyous life. Because you are not functioning from a state of fear, distorted or negative conditioning.

Live In The Moment

When you learn to become more fully present in the moment  You are less focused on the future or the past, the state of mind that causes most of our anxiety and stress. Meditation and Mindfulness are very helpful tools. bringing us into that present state of awareness.

Do A Job You Love

No matter what you do as a career, choose a job you love. I have found in my work that people who simply do jobs for money are not just unhappy but more likely to be seriously depressed or develop other mental health issues. Doing a job you don’t enjoy in many ways can be soul-destroying. Follow your heart and soul and do a job that is your passion and part of your purpose. That is what you are here to do. Money certainly doesn’t bring happiness, a stressful job with no passion is not just one of the biggest causes of dis-ease. 


Have A Balanced Lifestyle

A stressful busy imbalanced life is a modern-day symptom of distorted thinking. An unhealthy lifestyle causes dis-ease and disease mentally, emotionally, and physically. Those who are mainly motivated by money, power, status, or financial success often make huge sacrifices to their lifestyle, and their relationships. If you are focused on your next goal, that you don’t create a healthy balanced life you may not be here in the future or well enough to enjoy the future.  How can you live a more happy balanced life?

Healthy Hobbies

Make sure you include some therapeutic and healthy hobbies into your weekly routine. A mixture of fun healthy and creative activities is not just great for the mind, body, and soul. But are great at igniting new passion, new purpose, and new adventures. Think about those hobbies you were naturally drawn to as a child, you loved as a teenager, and those you always said you would like to try. Life is too short go on have some fun, explore some relaxing hobbies, or learn to relax.


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