Stress Belly – Why Cortisol Can Increase Belly Fat And What You Can Do To Reduce Those Stress Levels, Those Cortisol Levels To Lose Weight.

What is Stress Belly and What Can You Do About It?

Stress Belly is when an increase in stress, chronic stress, and high cortisol levels is the main cause of increased abdominal fat around your middle. That is why stress management should be a key part of healthy weight loss in those with high belly fat.

In-fact a study “Stress-induced cortisol response and fat distribution in women” wanted to identify if a higher waist-to-hip ratio of fat was linked to higher cortisol levels. And what they discovered was those with a larger waist to hip ratio of abdominal fat, and stress belly actually demonstrated poorer stress resilience. A E Moyer 1J RodinC M GriloN CummingsL M LarsonM Rebuffé-Scrive

The interesting thing about this study was that those with lower belly fat ratios demonstrated higher anger levels than those with higher fat distribution. Suggesting that the individual’s psychological response to stress play’s a part in stress belly.

It is one of the main reasons why more and more health and wellness coaches, personal trainers, and fitness instructors are doing relaxation therapist training and stress management training. I have had a few personal trainers, who sent clients to me to help them reduce their stress due to big problems with stress belly.

5 Things To Lower Stress Belly Fat

Become More Stress Resilient: Learning how to become more Anxiety and Stress Resilient is a key element in managing stress, and reducing stress levels. That is why learning some anxiety and stress management tools can increase your coping skills.

Deep Quality Sleep: Good quality sleep is an important element in reducing stress levels and supporting weight loss. Deep quality sleep is an important part of the relaxation and rest response. But it is also an important part of getting cortisol levels in balance, before midnight our cortisol levels drop to their lowest levels that is why you should be aiming to be in bed before 10 pm.

Learn How To Relax: Learn how to deeply relax, learn how to move off the stress response into the relaxed response. The more relaxed you can teach your body to be, the more likely you are to be more stress-resilient, have more balanced cortisol levels, and not lose sleep to high cortisol levels.

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Stay Hydrated: A hydrated body is an important part of natural homeostasis in the body but good hydration can also help with weight loss. A dehydrated body increases stress levels, which leads to increased stress levels and increased stress belly. So stay hydrated throughout the day.

Learn To Say NO : Women are more prone to stress belly, but they are also more likely to struggle with being assertive, many women find it hard to say NO. Understanding how important it is to be able to say NO and making it a big part of managing stress. Can help lower stress pressure, lower anxiety levels, and tendencies toward over-committing.

Eating Healthily: Eating healthily may seem like an obvious way to lower stress belly fat. But it is not just how much you eat and what you eat. It is also important when you eat. Those with higher stress levels and lower stress resilience often work through tea and lunch breaks and tend to eat late at night. Healthier eating patterns help support lower adrenaline and cortisol stress levels.

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