Even Super Heroes Get Stressed Out, Sick And Exhausted

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Even The Toughest Strongest People Are Stressed Out

For the last 20 to 40 years, there has been a mass social and media emphasise on being “all you can be” and “you can having everything you desire “.

Often this can be misconceived or understood to mean ” that one has to be everything for everyone” and can “having everything you want without sacrifice or stress”

Driving so many people into a false insanity that leads to complete physical burn out, chronic anxiety or chronic stress. In my role as a healer and stress therapist, I have first class experience (my own journey a major reason I arrived on this path) and the thousands of students I have worked with.  We are often motivated bya  distorted internal and external pressures and illusions that “we are” or “have to” be super human… So stressed out, we don’t even recognise ourselves or why we wanted something in the first place…

So many of us take on and identify, with high demanding roles and pressures that leave us extremely stressed and exhausted. Being too many roles for far too many people. To the extent you completely ignoring or forget the self.

My father, has always said, if you want something done, ask a busy person, yes ask a high achiever, a do’er,… those sometimes categorised as Type A personality type- high achievers, highly motivated individuals who “do” rather than go with the flow.

Don’t get me wrong high motivation can be a tremendous resource. But yes many type A’s, martyrs or those who simply can’t say no, myself included. Get so caught in the trap of believing we can conquer every challenge that life has to throw at us. That yes we fall into a false sense of security of “invincibility”. Believing I can do everything I set to achieve. But sometmes with a rather foggy sense of the price of the pitfalls of that challenge. Niavely not recognising the demands on your health, happiness and relationships.

Don’t get me wrong high motivation can be a tremendous resource but many type A’s simply can’t say no or are high on adrenaline. They fail or refuse to see the stressed out signs their body and soul was telling me. They are the high executives, even the professional coach or therapist who didn’t set the right goals for the right reasons. Or were so caught up in achieving to be more respected, more admired, more loved…they failed to recognise they were enough all along.

I constantly see how high internal demands and high expectations of “oneself” can often lead to serious mental, emotional and physical breakdown that arrives on the person before they know it.

With mental health issues on the increase, anxiety, depression as well as stress is affecting most people at some stage of our lives. A large part of the problem seems to be that we are all “living for the future”. Very few people today now how to be in the moment and taking time to “smell the roses”. Or how to appreciate the self, all the blessings we already have and have already achieved. And to flow with life rather than push at life. Sadly for so many of us, it so often is not enough, what internal demands are driving your insanity or unhappiness?

Another area where “super hero” tendencies are very strong, is very stressed out long-term carers. Particularly those who are full-time carers, for disabled or chronically ill children, parents, partner or siblings.  A role that is still very much under valued and under appreciated. Here I see men, women and even children putting their own daily basic needs totally aside, their life on hold, to ensure that the person they care for has all their wants, as well as needs met, whilst their own basic needs are ignored or unseen. More often or not they become burnt out with their “selfless” actions and sadly many end up more unwell than the person they have been caring for.

Perhaps you still believe you are and can be that “super hero”. Well if so, you must have the physical, mental & emotional resilience of a Super Hero to deal with it. Like Batmans’ body armour and spiders man’s webs they comes prepared all fuelled up, for all sorts of presenting challenges. And no matter if you think your super human, or not, we all need, some healthy resources that provide us with highly effective resilience from the negative bullets of life.

The right stress management skills, health and stress relieving hobbies can that help build up life lasting stress resilience. Remember, even super heroes need to look after their health and use effective stress management skills, but we probably  would live a lot longer and live a happier and healthier, stress-free life, if we left the super hero cape, in the cupboard, keeping it for only special or vital occasions.

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