How To Find Inner Peace

How to find Inner Peace in your everyday life, amidst the chaos and distortions of modern day life. Many people today find it difficult to find inner peace, access inner contentment. Because they are so entangled with their thoughts, their beliefs and conditioning. In many ways they are a slave to their thoughts, a slave to their conditioning.

So much so they are in a constant state of doing rather than being. They are in a constant state of fear; anxious and/or stressed.

It doesn’t occur to them that true bliss is inner peace. And that you can find inner peace every day when you know how. That is why so many people today are seeking Spiritual Teachers. Ways to find inner peace and connection to spirit, because people feel very disconnected from them self, from their divinity and god.Finding Inner Peace - How To Find Inner Peace no matter what life challenges you are facing

Finding Your Inner Peace

Finding Inner Peace takes time to master. Because we live in a world that has been manufactured to distract us and actually disempower us from accessing that stillness, accessing that peace and power.

But with the right tools the ability to find inner peace starts to get so much easier.

The Tools Spiritual Teachers Use To Help You Find Inner Peace

Most spiritual teachers use the art of meditation and awareness to access inner peace. Today we have access to so many different forms of meditation, mindfulness and different teachings that help increase awareness. Tools that help you not just access the self and be in the moment, but to be more of the observer or witness to our thoughts rather than the engager.

How I help Clients Find Inner Peace

I teach a variety of meditation and awareness techniques but I also teach most of my clients relaxation techniques and train students up as Relaxation Therapists. Because today people are carrying so much stress, trauma, old wounds, old tension in their cellular body. This amount of tension and trauma makes it difficult for the body and cellular body to relax.

Early in my career as a Meditation Teacher I quickly realised how disconnected many people were to their body. How much tension and stress they had been holding onto in their body for decades. I realised that many of these clients found it more difficult to meditate at first. So I found in these cases and those suffering from PTSD it more useful to teach Relaxation Techniques first. As a Stress Management Therapist I find these tools give those with trauma, severe chronic stress or chronic anxiety, or those with pain a better chance to come off the chronic stress cycle.

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques are some of the most powerful stress management techniques you can teach someone. The key is finding the right meditation and relaxation technique for that client. For example there is some meditation techniques or ways of using meditation I would never use initially on someone with trauma. There is some relaxation techniques not ideal for certain injuries or illness. A reason why you should always get help from someone suitably qualified to support and advise you.

Why Stress Is The Opposite Of Inner Peace

Stress is at the polar opposite scale of inner peace and calm. When we feel “Stressed” our body is responding to it’s natural innate survival “fight” or “flight” response to something we perceive as a threat.  

In modern daily life, this is usually a conditioned response, F.E A.R False Evidence Appearing Real. Basically, our belief’s, our conditioning, our fear or perception triggers off a survival reaction.

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” — Brian TracyMost of the stress response’s we experience today are not in proportion to the significance or insignificance of the situation. Because in every day stress, what we believe about the situation or threat is often worse than the actual reality of the situation. 

That is why distorted thoughts, distorted conditioning is the main cause of long-term stress. When you suffer from daily stress over a long period of time, the body often forgets how to “switch off”. It can become more hyper sensitive and over react. So it needs to re-learn how to RELAX again. So encouraging the Relaxed Response is vital and a great gateway into a path of much more contentment, even enlightenment.

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques used regularly helps induce calm, it helps create inner peace and tranquility. And for the seasoned meditator, they can experience moments of bliss known as bubbles of happiness.

2 out of 3 people confess they suffer from stress. It is vital that sufferers learn to manage their stress, sooner than later to minimise long term health problems. Negative Stress can seriously affect other conditions or illnesses, such as blood pressure, heart conditions and the immune system..

Signs of long-term stress include anxiety, emotional lability, panic attacks, sleep disorders such as insomnia. Relaxation Techniques which include PMR are effective treatment for sufferers when used correctly on a daily basis.