How To Find Inner Peace

Many people find it difficult to find inner peace, they are so caught up with their mind, their beliefs and conditioning they are in a constant state of doing rather than being. They are in a constant state of fear; anxious and/or stressed.

It doesn’t occur to them you can find inner peace every day when you know how.

With the right Meditation and Relaxation Techniques, you cannot just manage your stress but access your own inner peace, your very own inner sanctuary, whenever you want.

When we feel “Stressed” our body is simply responding to it’s natural innate survival “fight” or “flight” response to something we perceive as a threat.  In modern daily life, this is usually a conditioned response, F.E A.R False Evidence Appearing Real. Basically, our belief’s, our conditioning, our fear or perception triggers off a survival reaction. Our stress response is often not in proportion to the insignificance of the situation. Because we often believe the situation or threat is worse than the actual reality of the situation. That is the main cause of long-term stress, the body has forgotten how to “switch off” and is hyper sensitive and over reacts. So it needs to re-learn how to RELAX again. So encouraging the Relaxed Response is vital and a great gateway into a path of much more contentment, even enlightenment.


Meditation and Relaxation Techniques used regularly induces calmness, creating inner peace and tranquility. And for the seasoned meditator, they can experience moments of bliss known as bubbles of happiness.

2 out of 3 people confess they suffer from stress. It is vital that sufferers learn to manage their stress, sooner than later to minimise long term health problems. Negative Stress can seriously affect other conditions or illnesses, such as blood pressure, heart conditions and the immune system..

Signs of long-term stress include anxiety, emotional lability, panic attacks, sleep disorders such as insomnia. Relaxation Techniques which include PMR are effective treatment for sufferers when used correctly on a daily basis.

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