7 Ways Coaches and Therapists  Can Teach Clients How To Relax Deeply and Reduce Their Stress Levels.

How to help your clients relax deeply in their daily life without the need to become dependent on you as a therapist or healer. How to help empower your clients to feel calmer, relaxed, more grounded, and centered.

There are so many ways therapists can teach their clients how to relax to reduce their anxiety and stress levels. Depending on the type of therapy you are trained in and what services you are providing.  Many therapists are just treating the symptoms rather than helping clients actually become more empowered to manage and reduce their own stress.

Increase Your Value As A Therapist

If you are a coach, therapist, or healer who can actually teach your clients how to relax, teach your clients how to become more stress-resilient. Becomes the type of therapist or trainer that is known for really empowering their clients to take back responsibility for their health and wellbeing. You can increase your value as not just a therapist or coach, healer but your increase the value of your business.

Especially if you can learn professional relaxation techniques that teach your clients how to relax deeply, sleep deeply in a safe and effective way. More than ever your clients need to learn how to switch off from the stress response into the relaxation response.

Despite being a coach, counsellor, healer, and therapist for many years. My biggest demand for work for 19 years has been teaching stress management skills. Especially teaching relaxation and meditation techniques. Most people today struggle to relax, struggle to switch off because of an un-natural mindset and an unnatural lifestyle. This constant state of stress is playing havoc with their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Why Your Clients NEED To Learn How To Relax

Therapists How To Teach Your Clients How To Relax

As a therapist, you see chronic muscle tension, anxiety, stress or depression, insomnia, adrenal fatigue alongside chronic health challenges. You know how much anxiety and stress are causing dis-ease and disease.

The more you really know your clients and understand their challenges the more they trust you. And value your advice, your suggestions.

Clients recognise those therapists, and healers that have their client’s best interests at the heart of their business. And when you can help give them what they need in a professional way even better.

Before I began to offer my Certificated Relaxation Therapist & Teacher Training for therapists and coaches. I had been asked by so many times over so many years to offer this sort of training by so many not just healers and therapists but organisations. There was so little training in this area and the few were very basic and were not written by people actually using these techniques regularly in their main job. And many people use many forms of relaxation, and meditation in an unsafe or not so effective way.

So I started offering Certificated  Relaxation Therapy Training Program over 6 years ago. From the healer’s, counsellor’s, therapist’s, stress management advisor and meditation teacher’s perspective. The Ultimate Relaxation Therapy Training Program not only teaches a wide range of relaxation techniques but meditation, anxiety,  stress management techniques. Today our online training has become even more; grounding techniques, mindfulness tools, NLP and so much more…

Today we need more than therapists and healers to help people with the symptoms of their stress and dis-ease. We need teachers who can help clients STOP and reduce the cause of that STRESS.

Many organisations recognise that investing in stress management training is a more cost-effective way to reduce stress at work. Then just employing just counsellors or therapists. Teaching Relaxation Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness tools is a great way to help make big changes in people’s lives . Teaching relaxation techniques to your clients, local organisations and sectors can be an additional source of income for many therapists.

Certificate Relaxation Teacher & Relaxation Therapist

7 Ways You Can Teach Clients How To Relax 

  1. Learn Professional Relaxation Therapy, Guided Visualisation and Meditation Techniques.But remember to apply to your own life first. Manage your own stress and heal your own trauma the more calm and relaxed you are the more your client will be and will want to be like you.

  2. Learn to ask the right questions, so you open the conversation about their anxiety and stress levels.  When you get to know your clients biggest stressors you can help make them open to more suggestions.

  3. Include some top stress relieving and relaxation tips with your aftercare leaflet or as an extra.

  4. Offer stress relieving and relaxation products or aids alongside your other products or services.

  5. Network with other therapists you can cross-refer e.g. meditation teachers, yoga teachers, counsellors, relaxation therapists… So you can recommend your clients to the experts, the right professionals. Make sure you find out the hours and level of training and where they trained with.

  6. Offer relaxation and stress management workshops, webinars or blogs. Invite other and wellbeing experts into your clinic or therapy practice.

  7. Give top stress-relieving tips in your newsletter.

One way to seriously boost your income and increase your clients is to Become a Relaxation Therapist. Our certificated relaxation therapists, relaxation teachers are qualified in a wide range of meditation and relaxation techniques that students love.

This type of stress management therapy business is not just ideal for private clients and classes or workshops.  You can become a self-employed contractor or trainer for corporate organisations to help with occupational health,  the charity,  health and education sectors.

I spent a large part of my career as a stress management trainer and relaxation therapist and loved teaching relaxation therapy and meditation to the education, health, and charity sector. I taught all ages and sectors, from small groups of less than 10 people to larger groups of a few hundred. I taught classes from as young as pre-school to over 70.  I  loved the fact I got to do what I loved to do in a happy and healthy way. If you would love to learn more about how you can teach your clients how to relax, how to lower their anxiety and stress levels, how to sleep deeply. Sign up for my Free 5 Video Course -How To Become A Relaxation Teacher & Therapist Below


Certificate Relaxation Teacher & Relaxation Therapist
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