7 Ways Therapists Can Teach Clients How To Relax

How To Teach Clients How To Relax

There are so many ways healers and therapists can teach their clients how to relax and reduce their stress.

Therapists don’t have to just treat clients for the after effects of stress. But can teach clients simple yet effective ways to manage and reduce their stress. You can help empower your clients with the skills, helping them take back their own power and responsibility for their life. You can encourage your clients to change unhealthy habits, learn how to really switch off and relax deeply, sleep deeply.

As a qualified coach, counsellor, healer and therapist, my biggest demand over the last 17 years has been teaching stress management skills, especially relaxation therapy techniques which combines meditation, relaxation and stress management. As a Stress Expert I was asked for years to offer professional certificated training in Relaxation Therapy for coaches and healers.

So many clients are struggling to switch off because of unhealthy habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Start learning how to teach clients to relax today.

This constant state of stress seriously affects tteach clients how to relaxheir health and quality of life deeply. So many clients go through periods where they can’t sleep, struggle with anxiety, stress or depression.

So the more you know really know your clients, the more you understand their challenges the more suggestions and support you can give them.


Now the holistic industry is saturated by coaches, healers and therapists who are seriously unskilled and unqualified many with only a few weekends training in disciplines that normally took several years. Clients are more market aware they are sick and tired of therapists and coaches who just see clients as cash cows. Clients want therapists that have their clients best interests at the heart of their business. Consumers want the type of coaches and therapists that want to genuinely help empower clients to move forward not stay as a never ending client.

There are so many ways you can support your clients and increase your worth as a highly regarded coach or therapist. One way is to give your clients more than they expect and to practise what you preach. Another is to give your clients what they really need. Despite being a coach, counsellor, healer, therapist my biggest demand was teaching stress management skills, mostly relaxation and meditation techniques. For years I was asked to offer Certificated Relaxation Therapist & Teacher Training for professional therapist and coaches. As there was so little training in this area and so many teaching these skills poorly and unsafely.

Organisations recognised that investing in stress management training is a far more effective way to reduce stress at work, than just bringing in therapists for staff and employees.

Client referrals were also a big part of my business because I didn’t hold onto my skills I shared them with my clients.

7 Ways You Can Teach Clients How To RelaxTo Reduce Stress

  1. Manage your own stress, the more calm and relaxed you are the more your client will be and will want to be like you.

  2. Learn to ask the right questions, so you get to know your clients biggest stressors and can make the right suggestions.

  3. Include some top stress relieving and relaxation tips with your aftercare leaflet.

  4. Offer stress relieving and relaxation products or aids alongside your other products or services.

  5. Network with other therapists you can cross refer e.g. meditation teachers, yoga teachers, counsellors, relaxation therapists….So you can recommend your clients to the right professionals.

  6. Offer relaxation and stress management workshops, webinars or blogs. Invite in experts.

  7. Give top stress relieving tips in your newsletter.

Therapists learn how to teach your clients how to relax, stress management skills that will help reduce stress, anxiety and stress related insomnia

One way to seriously boost your income and your clients is to Become a Relaxation Therapist. Certificated relaxation therapists, relaxation teachers are qualified in a wide range of meditation and relaxation techniques that clients will love.

You can expand your business out to the corporate, health and education sector. Teaching staff, service users, students how to relax and switch off in their daily life. I spent most of the last 17 years as a therapist teaching relaxation therapy to the health, education and charity sector from small groups to larger groups of a few hundred. I taught classes from as young as pre-school to over 70.

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About stresscoach

Hi I am Eileen Burns, stress-coach. I have been studying holistic welbeing, stress management, healing and meditation for over 20 years.I teach powerful meditation and life skills to help clients manage their stress, their life, their anxiety and health challenges.


  1. Great tips and advice here Eileen. Stress is so detrimental to our health…. Relaxation therapy is just what the world needs 🙂

    1. thanks Anna…definitely.. it’s a shame so many people don’t realise they don’t just have to live with chronic stress and that relaxation therapy can be fun.

  2. Hi
    Wonderful tips! Especially # 1 managing your stress,

    1. Thanks Patti- Yeah the most important one

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